hello...my name is KatelynThanks for visiting The Art of Sipping Coffee! I hope that I can not only allow you to take a peek into my oh so interesting life, but that I can give you some good advice and information on some topics as well…and maybe a few laughs along the way. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy some great reads! Or learn a little more about me and the blog…


About the author

Oh…hello there! My name is Katelyn! I am a lover of coffee (obviously), melt in your mouth chocolate, a good read, snuggling up on the couch, and fresh air! I know…such a simple gal! I am an artist and designer, writer, wanna be photographer, healthy food lover, gardener, great baker, do it yourself-er, and traveler extraordinaire.

I have a wonderful husband, Dion, who is my best friend! And I’m not just saying that because I have to. I can be my true self around him which means he gets to see me 24/7 cracking terrible jokes, dancing like a crazy person, pimple faced, cranky tired, whiny, and enjoy all of my weird OCD habits…among other things you probably don’t want to know.

I am from the wonderful city of Flint, Michigan from the great U. S. of A. If you don’t know where that is, it’s about an hour north of Detroit. If you don’t know where that is and you are from the U.S. then know right now that you know nothing about life. Just kidding. Not really. Anyways, I am currently stationed in the beautiful country of Taiwan! And I’m not kidding. Talk about a huge change right?! We moved here in September of 2013 to get away from the mundane of everyday life. So what are we doing here? Ohhhh just teaching English, paying off debt, saving money, and traveling…just the normal things that people do in their twenties. We don’t know when we are coming back to the states, but right now we are enjoying our time right where we are.


About the blog

The Art of Sipping Coffee is like my fourth blog seriously.

Let’s give you a little history on my awesome blogging experience: My first blog I can’t really even consider a blog; I think it’s still somewhere out there in the internet universe (sorry). But it was about me being an artist or something of the sort. The second blog I attempted wasn’t that long ago; it was about healthy living, organics, GMOs, etc, etc. The third blog is my most recent and my best blog thus far, a travel blog. Somewhere along the line I decided maybe I could run three blogs in my lifetime then decided hegsssss nahhhhhh, it’s way too much work! None of my blogs ever really failed, I just always had a new idea and decided to change course along the way. You see I have too many passions. I really believe I should have been born in another era as a renaissance man.

Thus The Art of Sipping Coffee is born! This is the result of one of those times when I changed my mind and had another grand idea. But I have a feeling this may be a little more permanent. Why? Because it is a lifestyle blog. No more of these one way topic blogs. I need something that fuels anything and everything I want to talk about and in the way that I want to talk about it. This is a blog about my life and about all of my passions including but not limited to art, health, and travel. Yes, I decided to just combine everything I love into one blog. And I finally have come to terms with that. The reason behind the name, The Art of Sipping Coffee.


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